Saturday, March 6, 2010

So Now You're Poor - Enjoy Your Life Anyway!

Many Americans are learning about poverty firsthand for the first time in their lives. American culture has focused on consumerism and material riches as the major source of pleasure for decades, making this transition to poverty harsh for many people. Though their basic needs may be met, some of the newly poor find themselves depressed by their new monetary limits and unable to see the pleasures still available to them.

I've lived in poverty for different parts of my life. I was poor for much of my childhood and homeless directly afterward. Then I managed to pull myself up to middle class and even upper middle class for about a decade. But illness and other problems brought that time to a close. I've experienced everything from abject poverty to an upper middle class lifestyle.

I noticed during my middle class years that most middle class people don't do a lot of things that aren't spending related for enjoyment - they seem blinded by material things and status concepts. They seem to always be going out to eat, going to movies, shopping, or partaking of expensive hobbies.

I'd like to share some of the things I do for enjoyment as a poor person, things I feel that people of any income could enjoy.

I hope that you will enjoy 20 Ways to Have Fun on a Budget!

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