Monday, November 21, 2011

Savings Angel , Extreme Couponing

Savings Angel is a subscription service that allows regular people to practice extreme couponing without investing hours and hours of time to do it. A subscription to Savings Angel costs $20 per month.

Savings Angel works by matching local sales ads with store and manufacturer coupons to get the best price for everyday grocery items, even telling you where to find the coupons. They have a team of over a hundred people doing the work of matching ads to coupons. One or more products usually come out free each week after all the coupons are applied.

To be honest, I have far too small a grocery budget to use this service. However, for people with children, Savings Angel provides huge savings on things like diapers, formula, baby food, and other baby/child oriented products as well as for regular groceries.

If you sign up through this Savings Angel link I will get a referral bonus of $10 and $5 for every month you continue to use their service. I'm hoping to be able to pay for a membership with money made from referrals.